PCS has a new approach to PDMS training!

This specialty course is intended to take the Advanced Designer into a very specialized role for the modeling and deliverables production of Structural Connections. The course will advance students through more and  more complicated catalog and connection types. Our step by step approach provides a repeatable and understandable best work practice for this often overwhelming task.

PDMS Structural Cats & Specs

The objective of this course is to prepare users to manage Corporate Structural catalogs specifications, and all other relevant database elements.  This course covers several modules including Paragon, Specon, Propcon, as well as Design and Draft. Many of the elements dealt with are not yet available through the User Interface, or are best dealt with using Syntax. It will also introduce different catalog methods for additional BOM reporting, deliverables presentation, and modeling productivity.

By the end of this course users will be able to create additional components and connections, , and add them to the Structural spec(s). They will also be prepared to work with the properties database elements for accurate Weight and Center of Gravity reporting.