Case Studies

Case Study 1

Small US Engineering Firm
Small Company - 30 employees
Very Small Budget - <10K
PDMS Administrator pursued other opportunities causing client to be without PDMS admin capabilities.

PCS provided customized onsite training coupled with offsite guidance and support.

  • 5 days training onsite (Admin, Lexicon, Draft/IsoAdmin, C/S)
  • Assigned training tasks using PDMS manuals
  • Provided telephone and email support

PCS successfully ramped up an Administrator on time and under budget without impacting projects.

Case Study 2

European Headquartered Global Company
12 countries and nearly 82,000 employees

Project Manager

  • Developed and executed implementation plan
  • Learned client requirements and represented them to internal PDMS organization and Aveva
  • Guided upper Management in software selection (resulting in documented 5m Euro Savings)

Development and Support

  • Assisted in defining Functional Requirement Specification
  • Learned in house PDMS development layer
  • Managed and conducted all development work
  • Piping, Structural and HVAC catalogs and specs
  • Configuration, backing sheets
  • Interfaces
  • Managed, developed and issued PML Coding
  • Provided support
  • Engaged India for support and development

PCS successfully assisted client in determining their requirements and implementing PDMS within numerous offices worldwide.